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Milk Tires

"How long does it take to change your Milk Tires..?"

"Milk Tires are the only part of the Milking System that comes into contact with the Animal." 

For human and animal health;

Change Your Milk Tires Periodically...

Milking machine teat rubber is a milking nozzle element consisting of a flexible tube with a mouth that can be opened and closed, which is attached to the teat end of the animal to be milked, and a short milk pipe that is an extension of this tube or attached as a separate piece. Nipple rubbers are divided into two types, single and two-piece, depending on whether they are manufactured with a short milk tube.

Cleaning of Nipple Elastics
It is recommended to rinse the teats and milking bucket before starting milking. Additionally, during milking, disinfectant can be placed in a bucket and rinse water can be placed in a bucket, and the milking clusters can be immersed in it while passing from one cow to another. However, it is necessary to change the rinse water and disinfectant water after every 10 milkings.

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