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Our products

Oncel Machinery Ltd. Ltd. It offers products designed to improve the efficiency of milk producers and quality based on customer focus.

Product categories below, contains basic information. 

To access information about products and order codes Catalogs You can find it in the section.


Milk Tires

For human and animal health.....

Change Your Milk Tires Periodically...



mechanical damage and during operation.
Strong wall thickness against negativities.
Long Lasting Use.
Robust and Standard manufacturing method.
Fully compatible for FOOD.


Milking Cluster and Accessories

Milking head and Accessories; It is completely “food safe”, easy to use and durable. It is used in farms and has a structure that eliminates the deficiencies for high efficiency as a result of continuous improvement studies, field experience and monitoring of all existing milking heads and determining their deficiencies. Milk is a set of ingredients produced in accordance with the nature of the cow and within the framework of hygiene.



The pulsator, popularly called 'BRAIN', used in cow, buffalo, sheep and goat milking, mobile or fixed milking systems, allows the vacuum to extract all the milk without harming the animal's health.and ensures the continuity of milking at the appropriate time and within the appropriate pulse rate tolerance values.


Nozzles and Accessories

Various sizes of pots and equipment have been cleaned well. Every equipment that milk comes into contact with is very important to us. Our sensitivity theme is based on hygiene and health.


Vacuum Pumps and Accessories

Vacuum Pumps and accessories are the product group used to meet the vacuum need of the milking to be performed, depending on the milking capacity.


Milking System Accessories

Milking is one of the most sensitive and important stages in a milking farm. It is essential to guarantee good animal health, prevent stress and optimize milk yield and quality.
Guaranteeing a fast and complete milking process is also vital for the comfort and safety of operators during milking operations. Milkline's five milking systems offer the best technologies to guarantee high-performance milking with the best quality results and to facilitate customer use.


Mobile Machinery Accessories

We meet our needs for spare parts for use during repair and maintenance of Machines, which are indispensable for the Milking Industry.

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Farm Equipment

The best choice to make...
With our in-house expert team, we respond to your animal nutrition, barn equipment, needs in a result-oriented farming technology portfolio in an effective and sustainable way.

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